Model 7L BLUE National Workplace First Aid Kit - Large

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Model 7L BLUE National Workplace First Aid Kit - Large

Introducing the Model 7L BLUE National Workplace First Aid Kit – Large! Are you an owner of a large company, sports team or workspace? If so, then you need to get your hands on the Model 7L BLUE National Workplace First Aid Kit. This kit is a must-have for all businesses, teams, and workspaces - no matter what size! 

Constructed from hard-wearing plastic, this durable and portable first aid kit is perfect for workplaces of 100+ people (excluding high-risk industries), construction sites, manufacturing or high-risk workplaces of 26 to 100 people, and locations requiring a large-sized kit. Plus, if your workplace falls within the hospitality industry category - such as cafes, restaurants, and commercial kitchens - then this first aid kit should be your go-to choice! With dimensions measuring 22cm x 44cm x 25cm and lift out tray included for easy access to contents, you can now rest assured knowing that your workplace (and employees!) are covered in case of any accidents. 

The comprehensive Model 7L BLUE also includes an easy-to-manage contents sheet so you can restock easily when needed. Download our MODEL 7L BLUE CONTENTS LIST for more detailed information about our product's inventory.

The Model 7L BLUE is recommended for:

  • Workplaces of 100+ people (excluding high risk industries)
  • Construction, manufacturing or high risk workplaces of 26-100 people
  • Locations requiring a large sized kit
  • Hospitality industry workplaces e.g. cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens


  • Hard wearing plastic material
  • Durable and portable
  • Lift out tray
  • Also available in a standard version
  • Size: 22cm x 44cm x 25cm 

Click this link to download the contents list: MODEL 7L BLUE CONTENTS LIST

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