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Mepilex Lite Foam Dressing

Mepilex Lite Foam dressing from Mölnlycke is a single use, sterile foam dressing with a thin profile, designed for lower-exuding acute or chronic wounds and for protecting skin from friction or pressure due to medical devices usage. Its trademarked Safetac adhesive prevents damaging the patient’s skin, thus helping reduce their pain.

Product features

  • Non-sticky silicone based adhesive layer
  • Polyurethane foam pad and backing film
  • Prevents leakage and maceration by sealing wound edges
  • Ease of use and removal
  • Conformable and versatile, can also be cut to size

Mepilex Lite Foam dressing from Mölnlycke is clinically proven to cope with radiation skin reactions induced by radiotherapy, as well as partial thickness burns, foot and leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, or Epidermolysis bullosa.

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