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MoliCare Skin Protection Foam 100ml (1)

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MoliCare Skin Protection Foam 100ml (1)

Molicare's intensive cleansing foam spray containing creatine, which supports the skins own protection mechanisms; odour-neutralising; to use without soap and water; easy to dispense and to apply to specific skin areas; enables easy removal of even encrusted soiling, e.g. for patients with faecal incontinence and colostomy.

The MoliCare® Skin Protect series has been developed to stimulate the natural regenerative and protective functions of the skin, while at the same time protecting mechanically against urine and faeces. Linseed, almond and rape seed oil encourage the production of new skin cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect, while Panthenol moisturises the skin.

Forms a transparent film while conditioning and allowing skin to breathe. Easy to spread. With nourishing panthenol and urea to stimulate skin regeneration and maintain the skin’s moist balance. Odour-neutralising with pH 5.5.


  • Effective skin protection for continence care
  • Easy to spread
  • Maintains skin's moisture balance
  • 1 x foam spray is supplied
  • Size: 100ml
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