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Liberty Stethoscope Classic Tunable

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Liberty Stethoscope Classic Tunable

The Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope is a dual head professional stethoscope with superior acoustic sensitivity and pressure sensitive diaphragm. The high performance stainless steel chest piece is at the top of its class. The definitive doctors stethoscope.


Light non-corrosive titanium design features “Superflex” binaural tubing assembly, colour coordinated plastic retaining, and non-chill rings. Complete with the innovate pressure sensitive diaphragm and advanced ear tip.


This new design offers a pressure sensitive diagnosis, allowing clearer diagnosis of both high and low frequency sounds without having to change sides, as with standard stethoscopes.


With its patented two-layered soft ear tip design, this model is extra flexible for added comfort. “Superflex” deluxe stainless inner spring binaural assembly with ear tip.


  • Rotating stainless steel dual head chest piece
  • Double inner spring binaural
  • Non-chill ring and diaphragm retaining ring provide excellent patient comfort
  • Flexible PVC tubing
  • Latex Free
  • Available in 6 colours: black, orange, royal blue, purple, raspberry & navy
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