Epipen Insulated Hardcase (1)

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EpiPen Insulated Hardcase (1)

The EpiPen Insulated Hard cases by MyMediBag provides protection for your lifesaving medicine, like epipen, anapen, insulin, or auto-injector.

The case can store and protect in its insulated hard case a single epipen. It also comes with a personal identification card, where you can jot down your name, your emergency contact details, and medication information.

Being made from a durable, lightweight, heavy-duty fabric, MyMediBag EpiPen Insulated Hardcase is light and easy to carry, whilst also keeping all of your essential medicine safe.

It's perfect for everyday use, while also being suitable for school, work, holidays or various sports activities.


  • Exterior hardcase with internal insulation
  • Fitted with an external stainless steel carabiner, so it's easier to carry
  • Transparent external pocket for the personal identification card (card included)
  • Transparent internal pocket for the medication card (card included)
  • Has a durable loop on the back, so it can be easily attached to a belt
  • Perfect for your epipen, anapen (double case) or auto-injector
  • 1 x case is supplied
  • Available in two options: single or double

How to store EpiPen

  • Always store your EpiPen and EpiPen Jr ®(epinephrine) at room temperature
  • Avoid leaving your Epi Pen in a hot car
  • Avoid refrigeration
  • Handle it with care and keep the EpiPen Injector in the carrier tube to prevent damage
  • Avoid direct exposure to sun
  • Keep out of sight and reach of children
  • No