A2+ Urinary Drainage Bag 2000ml Sterile - Urimaax (1)

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A2+ Urinary Drainage Bag 2000ml Sterile - Urimaax (1)

The Aaxis A2+ Urimaax Drainage Bag is a latex-free, sterile 2000ml drainage bag with a bottom T-Bar drain valve and a universal catheter connector. Urimaax Drainage Bag has hanger holes to fit universal plastic or metal hangers.

Urimax urine drainage bags are designed to offer drainage capacity mostly for individuals suffering from incontinence. The bag can be comfortably worn around a patient’s waist or even used as a leg bag. Alternatively, the bag can be attached to any typical hospital bed or patient resting area.

Besides having an easy-to-use drain valve which requires minimal dexterity, this bag has a non-reflux valve and drip compartment that prevents urine from flowing back. It also features a synthetic plug which allows needle-free sampling. Above all, this it is easy to empty when full.


  • Anti-reflux valve to preclude urine from flowing back
  • Latex free
  • Universal catheter connector
  • Bottom T-bar drain valve
  • Overnight bag
  • Size: 120cm tubing
  • Size: 2000ml
  • N/A