Aiming to purchase resuscitation equipment and accessories? Consider buying from First Aid Distributions, the Australian medical supplier that provides a substantial range of resuscitation equipment, such as resuscitation masks, Guedel Airways, oxygen therapy kits – items of great use in the endeavor to save lives.


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Emergency Rescue – How To Assist?

As a medic, you need to be efficient in providing oxygen when a patient needs it the most. It is a feature of paramount importance that your medical equipment should possess so that rescuing lives is accomplished professionally. This is why we hold in stock different types of resuscitation equipment and accessories.

Resuscitation Equipment – The Basics

Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation may be performed in first aid emergencies without specialized equipment. However, the use of resuscitation equipment and accessories – including resuscitation masks, Guedel Airways, oxygen therapy kits – enhances the chances of therapeutic success greatly. These are all the more crucial in situations where patients need to retain stability through constant oxygen supply of therapeutic use.

Do not neglect professional advice and academic literature: you should assess medical needs before deciding to purchase resuscitation equipment and accessories. Nevertheless, First Aid Distributions is here to help you with professional customer support, so that you make adequate picks for the emergencies you might face.

Oxygen Therapy Masks

It is vital to hold a reliable, constant, efficient oxygen supply. Patients need a source of oxygen and a system for maintenance and spares. Those who handle them should also be adequately trained in the process of using resuscitation equipment and accessories.

Hence, it matters not just to use resuscitation masks, airways, and oxygen therapy kits. You should ensure that your oxygen therapy kits are fully stocked and that your resuscitation masks, Guedel Airways, and other such equipment are in proper condition.

Taking into account whether, for instance, your patients are adult or children, you may decide to use a particular type of oxygen therapy mask over another or using those sizes of Guedel Airway that are relevant. Gloves and antimicrobial wipes are also among those items that should not be missing from your oxygen rescue kits.

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Resuscitation equipment and accessories are not the only type of medical equipment we have on sale. Our online store caters to all medical needs when it comes to first aid emergency rescues.

First Aid Distributions is a top-quality medical supplier with coverage all across Australia, where we provide door to door service, a freight policy of $5.50 as flat rate and of no charge for orders over $300.