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A wall mounted soap dispenser is an essential element of toilet hygiene practices since it helps to keep hands cleaner and avoids the risk of cross-contamination. At First Aid Distributions we're proud to be the official Australian distributor of the OPS 1-Touch foaming hand and shower dispensers (direct from the USA). We also provide a variety of OPS premium soap refill cartons including Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap, Eco Foaming Hand Soap, Foaming Hand Hair Body Shampoo, and Instant Hand Sanitiser.

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Keep Germs At Bay With A Commercial Soap Dispenser

Washing hands helps improve overall workplace wellness by keeping germs at bay. As employees touch door handles, tap away at keyboards, and share copy machines, it's vital that healthy and correct hand hygiene is actively promoted to maintain a healthy, happy workforce.

 Poor hand hygiene is closely linked to the spread of germs and the increase of disease. Promoting hand washing in the workplace or office with easy to use hand soap dispensers not only has medical benefits but also has a positive impact on a company's bottom line and overall employee productivity.

Why Buy An OPS Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser?

 If you're wondering about the benefits of OPS soap dispensers, then what if we told you that they can help to lower your operational expenses. How?

  1. No more labour and maintenance costs – since OPS soap dispensers won't break on you, you can eliminate maintenance and labour costs associated with replacing damaged or broken soap dispensers and mopping up soap that has spilled onto the floor
  2. Avoid slips and falls – When a leaking soap dispenser causes soap to spill onto the floor it can cause a trip or fall incident
  3. Increased storage capacity – No need to store spare plastic soap dispensers on-site

 Do You Need A Vandal-Proof Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser?

 It's a sad fact of life that it's virtually impossible to get away from vandalism, whatever your facility, and in many cases, it's the toilets which are targeted. If you've lost count of the number of times your hand soap dispensers have had to be repaired or replaced because of damage, or worse still the soap dispensers in your public toilets have been pulled right off the wall, then the OPS vandal proof soap dispenser is the perfect solution to your problem. Take a look at some of its key features:

  • Indestructible – Made from industrial grade stainless steel with an epoxy vinyl coating, these robust wall soap dispensers don't just look sleek and attractive but are resistant to punches, kicks, and knives too.

  • Soap remains clean – Since it's securely locked with a stainless steel cam lock, our wall mounted soap dispenser can't be clogged with gum or picked. As a result, there is no way that the soap inside can be contaminated with pens, gum, pencils, or bodily fluids.

  • Suicide-proof – Essential for healthcare facilities and prisons, the OPS vandal-proof model mounts directly to the wall, so there are no hang points and no sharp edges for self-harming. In addition, there are no external parts which a person could swallow or choke on. What's more, since the soap dispenser can't be broken there are no parts which could be used as a weapon to attack others.

  • 5-year guarantee – For added peace of mind, the vandal-proof soap dispenser is provided with a 5-year warranty against vandalism.

Developed by USA based Archer Manufacturing, this critically acclaimed soap dispenser does what it says on the box and is 100% vandal proof. We strongly recommend it for all public toilet facilities, schools, hospitals, parks and public transport. Wwhen we say that it's the only soap dispenser you'll ever need to buy we’re not kidding!

Discover The OPS 1-Touch Eco Plastic Soap Dispenser For Staff Areas

Naturally, we understand that not every business requires a vandal proof soap dispenser which is why we also offer the OPS 1-Touch Eco model to customers with low-risk toilet and kitchen locations. Perfect for staff areas this inexpensive plastic soap dispenser uses the same soap and hand sanitiser as the vandal-proof model, so there's no need to stock multiple types of soap.

OPS Premium Foaming Soaps – Cost-Effective Products

At up to 5000 pumps per cartridge, OPS foam soap lasts longer and take up less storage space than liquid soap and bar soap. Because of its excellent lathering qualities, people are less likely to go back for another squirt of soap which not only means you can cut back on product and packaging waste but use less water too.

Foam hand soap also reduces labour costs. While having to refill your hand soap dispensers less often, foam soap also drips less than liquid soap and doesn't accumulate on the floor in quite the same way, making it easier to clean, especially on tiled areas.

Sold in cartons containing 2 handy 1-litre refill packs, OPS soaps leave your hands and body feeling clean, moisturised, and silky smooth.

 Why not take a closer look at the OPS wall mounted soap dispenser below? If you need more information our friendly team of advisers are always ready to assist in whatever way they can. Call First Aid Distributions today on 03 5443 2239.