Incentive Spirometer

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Incentive Spirometer

Designed to strengthen respiratory musculature and help restore or maintain lung capacity by encouraging slow and deep breathing. Air enters each chamber and raises the balls depending on the air flow inhaled per second. Colour-coded balls in each chamber to provide a visual incentive.

Chamber to lung capacity reference: 600 ml/sec, 900 ml/sec and 1,200 ml/sec.

Each set includes an incentive spirometer, disposable mouth piece and extension tubing. Flow-oriented breathing exerciser provides an indirect indicator of the patients inspired volume. Use to help strengthen respiratory musculature and help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging slow, deep breathing.


  • Wide inspiratory flow rate range from 600, 900 & 1200ml/sec to suit the widest range of patients
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Sturdy wide base for stability during storage or use
  • Minimum flow imprinted on each chamber
  • Compact design & break-resistant plastic
  • Removable inspiratory limb for cleaning convenience
  • Flow tubing for ease of use
  • Anatomically designed mouthpiece for ease of use and patient comfort
  • Dimensions 135x135x70mm
  • Mouthpiece with flex tube 31cm
  • Convenient mouthpiece clip for ease of storage
  • Colourful presentation for ease of visualisation
  • Graduated 3 ball design to encourage patient compliance and participation
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