Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing 20cm x 25cm Box (10)

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Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing 20cm x 25cm Box (10)

Hartmann Zetuvit Plus Sterile Wound Dressing is an innovative way of providing relief and medical care for superficial wounds that exude heavily. The dressings are designed to treat these highly exuding injuries, through the use of superabsorbent polymer SAP, cellulose fluff core layers with a hydrophobic backing layer that are all designed to direct the fluid efficiently towards the dressing's core.

 Each individual dressing is wrapped for preventative measures and features edges that have been sealed off to ensure no fraying occurs. Infections can also be managed with this dressing, as its individual packaging prevents any cross contamination.

One box of Zetuvit Plus Sterile Dressings contains 10 dressings that measure 20 cm x 25cm in size. If you or a loved one require wound care, be sure to check out Hartmann's Zetuvit Plus Sterile Wound Dressing-a revolutionary approach to managing exuding injuries!


  • Recommended for highly exuding injuries
  • Contains superabsorbent polymer (SAP)
  • Cellulose fluff core layer
  • Treats superficial injuries
  • Hydrophobic backing layer
  • Individually wrapped 
  • No fray edges protect skin
  • Prevents the spread of infections
  • Sterile
  • Box contains 10 dressings
  • Size: 20cm x 25cm 
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