Tena Pants Plus Night Pk 12 Lge

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Tena Pants Plus Night  Pk 12 Lge

TENA Night Pants Plus are perfect for those who suffer from heavy incontinence and need a trusted brand to keep them protected and comfortable through the night. These unisex disposable incontinence pants offer triple protection against leaks so you can be sure you'll enjoy a full and worry-free sleep. The absorbent core locks away fluid for long-lasting protection that feels like regular underwear. With reliable protection day or night.


  • Reliable: TENA Night Pants Plus is a reliable choice when it comes to providing protection against heavy incontinence due to bladder leakage throughout the night.
  • Comfortable: Offering a discreet and comfortable solution, these unisex night pants look and feel like regular underwear – designed with your comfort in mind.
  • Super Absorbent: Highly absorbent for heavy leaks, TENA Night Pants Plus provide triple protection against accidents and spills.
  • On the Go: The perfect solution for an active life – whether you’re playing sports or going out for a night on the town confidently knowing you’ll be kept dry and secure all night long!


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