Thermal Sports Shoulder Brace (1)

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Thermal Sports Shoulder Brace (1)

Introducing the Sports Action Thermal Shoulder Brace. Perfect for athletes, this adjustable shoulder support provides firm protection and stability while offering comfort and pain relief to sufferers of sprains, strains, bursitis and tendonitis. You'll appreciate the contoured panels, which fit most body shapes, so you can easily attach and adjust the support without any help. Plus, its inconspicuous design means you can wear it during sport - no one will suspect a thing! 

The medical grade neoprene is latex-free, while the medical-plush liner draws perspiration, keeping you comfortable while promoting greater blood circulation for a quicker recovery. If you're looking for the ultimate support and stabilization for your shoulder, this brace is the perfect choice. It delivers warmth, firm support to your ligaments and tendons, provides stability, and even helps to reduce soft tissue swelling. And to further lock down the shoulder, the brace also includes a stabilizer strap accessory. 


Product Features:

  • Adjustable THERMAL shoulder support for symptomatic relief of sprains, strains, bursitis and tendonitis.
  • Left or right specific.
  • Stabilizer strap accessory helps to lock down the shoulder for less movement.
  • Multi directional medical grade CR neoprene is LATEX FREE.
  • Contoured panels fit most body shapes with simple self application and adjustment.
  • Colour: Black or Beige
  • Air dry only, Do not dry clean
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