Molicare Lady 1 drop

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MoliCare Lady 1 drop

Are you looking for the perfect balance between health, comfort and security in lady pads? Look no further than MoliCare Lady 1 drop. Our unique pads are designed to fit the female anatomy exactly and provide unbeatable protection and absorbency during incontinence incidents.

The one drop size is ideal for those small drips and dribbles, while the Aloe Vera has a skin-friendly effect, reducing skin irritation and infection. The 3-layer absorbent core pulls fluid away from the surface quickly, keeping your skin feeling dry, healthy and odor-free. Our special curly fiber technology helps maintain your pH balance for added safety.

With its discreet wearing comfort featuring a breathable textile backsheet, soft topsheet, ample adhesive strip for secure fixation in regular underwear as well as an odour neutralizer, MoliCare Lady 1 drop will have you feeling comfortable and worry-free all day long! This feminine pad is also dermatologically tested too - so you can be sure of its quality! 


  • Discreet wearing comfort with a breathable textile-like backsheet, soft topsheet and an odour neutralizer that provides reliable all-round protection.
  • Features a wide adhesive stripe for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear.
  • Soft top sheet has been treated with Aloe Vera for skin-friendliness.
  • Provides antibacterial character and pH buffering effect to help maintain a skin-neutral pH value of 5.5 – so gentle on the skin!
  • Fast absorption, anti-leakage system and quick dry system offer complete protection.
  • Dermatologically tested – your skin is in safe hands!


1 drop: 181ml

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