Mepilex Border Flex 10cm x 10cm Box (10)

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Mepilex Border Flex 10cm x 10cm Box (10)

Mepilex Border Flex is an advanced five-layer foam dressing that is designed to provide superior wound care. It combines Flex Technology with the well-known and trusted Safetac technology, making it suitable for even difficult-to-dress areas of the body.

Not only is Mepilex Border Flex able to accommodate both normal exudate and viscous exudate, but the Safetac technology ensures that changing the dressing will be painless and trauma free. Its absorbent design helps to channel and trap exudate, while keeping it away from the wound bed, thus preventing its re-entry, even under compression. You can now easily track the progress of your wound with this great product!

Rest assured knowing that Mepilex Border Flex was specifically developed for superior wound healing - no matter how challenging your woundcare needs may be. Conquer even your most complex wounds with Mepilex Border Flex!


  • Absorbs, channels and traps exudate and allows tracking of the exudate progress
  • Keeps exudate away from the wound bed, preventing re-entry, even under compression
  • Can handle both normal and viscous exudate
  • Less pain and trauma during dressing changes, thanks to the Safetac technology
  • Box contains 10 dressings
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm
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