Long Handled Net Sponge 38cm

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Long Handled Net Sponge 38cm

Get sparkling clean with Homecraft's Long Handled Net Sponge! This luxurious body washer is great for those who struggle with their daily bath and/or shower. With its curved handle, it provides easy access to difficult areas, while encouraging a more enjoyable wash. The net fabric scrunch-up your soap allowing the soap to lather much more than a regular sponge or brush. And it's long enough (38 cm!) to reach around your entire body for maximum cleansing power. Plus, the convenient loop lets you easily hang up the net in between uses—to ensure it remains within arm-reach all of time! Make your bath experience that much better with Homecraft's Long Handled Net Sponge today!


  • Luxury alternative to a brush or sponge - Get a deeper clean with our scrunched-up net that helps lather soap for an enjoyable, thorough wash
  • Reach difficult areas - The curved handle lets you get to hard-to-reach places without bending yourself into uncomfortable positions
  • Easy storage - A handle loop makes it easy to hang up in the bath or shower, so no mess and clutter! 
  • Durability - Our quality construction increases resilience for maximum longevity.


  • 38cm
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