Diphoterine DAP Aerosol (1)

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Diphoterine DAP Aerosol (1)

The Diphoterine® Mini or Micro DAP Aerosol by Prevor is a portable spray for quickly decontaminating your hand or face.

Using sterilised Diphoterine® solution, this spray is best used within a minute since your hand or face was contaminated by a chemical splash.

The Mini DAP (200ml) allows you to rinse and cleanse an area larger than a hand, such as a face or a thigh. Applied within a minute of the accident, this Diphoterine® solution container enables active action against the chemical, which is corrosive and aggressive. Its compact size makes it easy to move and its micronised spray ensures uniform rinsing.

The Diphoterine® solution Micro DAP (100ml) contains a compact volume to effectively rinse a hand or an equivalent surface of the body. It can be kept on your person and used within a minute of the chemical accident. Diphoterine® solution compound is sterile and recommended to treat chemical splashes to the skin in various situations.


  • The transparent cap allows you to see if the spray was used or not
  • Beneficial for experimental technicians in laboratories, machine workers, maintenance workers, eyewash station users
  • Can be stored in a belt case
  • Intended for chemical splash rinsing
  • Sterile
  • Portable spray
  • 1 x aerosol is supplied
  • Sizes: 100ml or 200ml

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