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Coloplast Ostomy Scissors (1)

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Coloplast Ostomy Scissors (1)

Coloplast Ostomy Scissor is designed to facilitate easy cutting of an ostomy baseplate to the exact size required for a snug fit. It is latex-free. Coloplast Ostomy Scissor has curved blades that are designed to facilitate circular cuts without damaging the ostomy pouch.

The upper blade has small teeth ensuring that the base plate does not slip while being cut, keeping the scissor in place. This makes it much easier to control, ensuring a smoothly cut line. The lower blade has a rounded end guiding the circular cutting and avoiding damage to the pouch of a one-piece system.


  • Curved blades for circular cutting
  • Small teeth on upper blade to avoid slipping from base plate to ensure a smooth cut line
  • Rounded lower blade to avoid damage to pouch while cutting
  • Latex free
  • 1 x set of scissors are supplied
  • Size: 10.5cm
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