Aquafit Swim Neck Collar Adult (1)

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Aquafit Swim Neck Collar Adult (1)

The Theraquatics Aquafit Swim Neck Collar is designed to fit closely around neck to aid buoyancy and allow for freedom of movement.

The Aquafit Neck Collar is most useful for those who do not have pain of spinal origin and in particular those who need a collar for independent exercise. It may be used as a collar in supine float, prone or corner activities – also having application in some Bad Ragaz Techniques. Alternatively, it can be used in resistance exercises instead of rings.

The Aquafit Neck Collar may be combined with the Aquafit Posture Pillow to ensure ears remain dry for those patients who are fearful. This collar is quickly and easily applied though care should be taken with the velcro to ensure it is fastened evenly.

The Aquafit range of floats has been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional. Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.

Provides flotation for swimmers who only require minimal assistance for sculling or backstroke. Also recommended for low-toned swimmers with poor head control. The collar maintains swimming in a balanced position in the water.


  • Designed for aquatic therapy & exercise
  • Velcro fastener
  • 1 x swim neck collar is supplied
  • Size: 40cm inside circumference
  • N/A