Allevyn Classic Non Adhesive Foam Dressing (1)

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Allevyn Classic Non Adhesive Foam Dressing (1)

Allevyn Classic Non Adhesive Foam Dressing from Smith & Nephew is a soft, conformable wound dressing that helps the healing process by creating and sustaining a moist wound environment, thanks to a trilaminate structure, including a wound contact layer, a highly absorbant hydrocellular central layer, and a waterproof film on the outside for the evaporation of moisture in excess. Warning: this product is not latex-free.

PRODUCT FEATURES                 

  • Non adhesive, conformable to any body areas
  • Absorbent and non adherent central hydrocellular layer
  • Waterproof outer surface, physical separation for reducing wound contamination
  • Helps create moist wound environment, without leaving debris
  • Easy to use, may be cut to suit different locations and wound shapes
  • 1 x dressing is supplied
  • Sizes: 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 10cm x 20cm, 20cm x 20cm

Allevyn Non Adhesive Foam Dressing from Smith & Nephew is most suitable for absorbing exudates and partial to full thickness wound management, including ulcers, surgical incision and excisions, donor sites, pressure sores, burns of the first and second degree.

Please note that not all sizes are kept in stock and may need to be ordered in from our supplier to fulfil your order, please allow 5-7 business days for this item to arrive and then be dispatched to you

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