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What are the Benefits of
Choosing Straptor Sports Tape?

Experience the Straptor advantage! When you choose Straptor sports tape, you're ensuring top-tier strapping tape that will elevate your performance on the field. With a wide array of sizes available, Straptor is tailored to meet your unique sporting requirements.

The benefits with straptor include:

  • Quality and reliability: Straptor is owned and manufactured by first aid distributions ensuring its high quality to meet your clubs or individual standards.
  • Trust: Straptor is proudly used by hundreds of sporting clubs around Australia.
  • Value for money: Straptor Strapping Tape offers exceptional value for money due to its superior durability and strength, ensuring that users get a reliable performance for a longer period.

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Rigid Strapping Tape

What Makes Straptor's Rigid Strapping Tape Better Then Others?

High Tensile Strength:
The tape is of premium grade, ensuring high tensile strength. This quality makes it highly durable and reliable for supporting joints during intense physical activities.

Strong Adhesion:
Its strong adhesive quality ensures that the tape stays in place during vigorous movements, providing consistent support without the need for frequent readjustments.

Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free:
Straptor tape is hypoallergenic and free from latex, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin or latex allergies.

Elastic Adhesive

What is EAB best suited for?

The Straptor Elastic Adhesive Bandage is best used for providing support in strenuous sports activities. It's particularly effective for areas like ankles, knees elbows, and shoulders,

The bandage offers compression support, helping to minimize swelling and providing extra support during training or physical activities. This makes it an ideal choice for athletes and those engaged in regular exercise or sports

Hand Tearable Tape

What is Straptor Hand tearable tape ?

Straptor Hand Tearable Stretch Tape, is a premium grade non-woven tape that's both light and breathable, providing superior protection. Its unique material allows it to adhere to itself, facilitating easy application and removal without scissors. The tape is cohesive, meaning no sticky residue is left behind.

  • Ideal for providing support and relief from minor strains and sprains
  • No sticky residue: the tapes cohesive properties ensure that it leaves no residue upon removal.
  • Light and breathable material

Kinesiology Tape

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Straptor's Kinesiology Tape is a product designed to support muscles and joints without restricting movement. It aids in Injury recovery and healing by improving circulation and reducing swelling The tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free making it suitable for sensitive skin. It's comfortable to wear for 3-5 days

  • Size 50mm x 5m per roll
  • Non restrictive, elastic material
  • Available in Biege, Black, Blue and Pink improves orculation and reduces swelling

Stretch thumb Tape

What is the Purpose of Stretch Elastic adhesive Bandage Thumb Tape?

Straptor Stretch Elastic Adhesive Bandage Thumb Tape is designed primarily for athletes and active individuals who require both support and comfort. It combines rigid strength with flexibility and spandex to provide extra compression This helps in minimizing swelling and offers additional support, particularly useful as an overwmp

  • Ideal for athletes and active individuals
  • Offers both strength and flexibility
  • Size: 25mm x 4.5m per foll

Comfort EAB Tape

What is Straptor comfort Elastic adhesive bandage ?

The Comfort EAB Strapping Tape is the perfect solution for athletes who are looking for reliable and comfortable support during workouts. This exclusive product features a fabric blend of cotton with 3% nylon, making it more flexible than the standard EAB while still providing the necessary support.

  • Softer then standard EAB
  • Cotton with 3% nylon
  • Size in 50mm or 75mm
  • Ideal Heavy overwrap
  • Exclusive to first aid distributions

Underwrap Tape

Why Buy Straptors Adhesive Underwrap?

Straptor's Adhesive Underwrap is designed to protect sensitive skin during tape dressing sessions. It's used under rigid tape to prevent irritation and discomfort. The wrap is hypoallergenic and latex-free, ensuring it's safe for all users.

  • Protects sensitive skin during tape dressing sessions
  • Prevents irritation and discomfort under rigid tape
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free, safe for all users
  • Available in two sizes (50mm x 10m, 100mm x 10m)

Strapping Accessories

What Strapping Accessories Do we Stock?

We offer a large range of strapping tape accessories this range includes products like safe hands, Cramer shark tape cutters, plastic ice wrap and even massage tables.

Explore the full range now to unlock your full potential on the sporting arena.

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Excellent and comprehensive range of products available. Very helpful and efficient customer service staff. My order was dealt with promptly and expertly. My delivery was fast and well packaged. An excellent company to deal with supplying any first aid equipment that’s needed.

Edwina T Oct 20, 2023

Very quick with my order and kept up to date when packed and sent

Mick Boyland 19 Jan , 2024

Been going here for around 12 mths since moving to Bendigo best customer service and products anywhere . Totally recommend to all.

Paul Richey 9 Nov , 2023