Plaster bandages are indispensable from any first aid kit or medical setting. Designed to offer fast care, protect wounds from infections, and help them heal, fabric bandages come in many shapes and sizes to fit the respective injury.

First Aid Distributions offers a wide range of fabric plasters that can be used to cover different types of wounds. Be ready for any emergency that might occur and have the best first aid equipment by your side.

High quality

The products in our inventory are made from a hard-wearing dressing, fitted with an extra-strong adhesive that will guarantee long-wearing. The plasters are hypoallergenic and come in sterile packaging. The secure adhesion provided by the bandage prevents it from lifting from the wound. Due to being latex-free, our selection of bandages will leave no sticky residue when removed from the injury, as compared to other fabric plasters on the market.

The wound pad will drain the blood and other exudates through a super absorbent process that will leave the wound clean and the site more comfortable. The non-adherent film will also help reduce the pain when removing the plaster.

Fabric Plasters

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All shapes and sizes

Our plaster bandage selection comes in many shapes and size to fit most wounds. From large to extra large plasters to knuckle and fingertip dressings, First Aid Distributions has you covered when treating minor injuries. You can also choose an assorted pack that contains bandages in various shapes and sizes if you need aid for an environment where multiple types of damages may occur. The extra-large fabric plasters can also be cut into size to fit almost any wound.

Whether you need to stock up on fabric plasters for your workplace, home, or even medical facility, you can find all you need in our online store. Assess the risks of injuries that might occur in your area and choose the best fit.

Best-practice tips

Fabric dressings should be changed daily or even more often, depending on the appearance and severity of the wound. The plaster should be applied and removed with care from fragile or sensitive skin. For severe injuries or burns, you should seek medical help, as fabric dressings might not be useful or even discouraged from using. If you notice any redness around the area or a feeling of discomfort occurs, stop use immediately and contact a certified physician for further care.

Easy shipping

We ship all over Australia, and our main goal is to get your order to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to check our shipping times, as they might change depending on the area you are located. All orders under $300 have a $5.50 flat rate shipping, and everything order is free of charge. More than this, our professional, dedicated, and friendly team will help you with any questions you may have about the products on our page and assist you in choosing what’s best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you feel the need.