Non Woven Island Dressing 9cm x 20cm - Aero (20)

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Non Woven Island Dressing 9cm x 20cm - Aero (20)

Aero's Non Woven Island Dressings combine a SupaSorb pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer for the simple and effective management of larger wounds, abrasions and sutured wounds.

An embossed wound pad provides superior wound management by draining blood or exudates into pockets in the wound pad. The Super absorbent wound pad minimises the number of dressing changes whilst protecting the wound from further injury. SupaSorb™ leaves the wound site clean and comfortable, while the non-adherent film reduces the pain and site trauma when changing the dressing. A non-woven backing is smooth and soft, and adheres to body contours using SupaBond adhesion.


  • Optimal absorbance properties
  • Protects against infections
  • Supports rapid healing
  • 100% sterile
  • Individually packed
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Latex free
  • Do not use on infected wounds
  • For external application only
  • Size: 9cm x 20cm
  • Box contains 50 dressings
  • N/A