Model 13 National Workplace First Aid Kit - Vehicle

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Model 13 National Workplace First Aid Kit - Vehicle

The Model 13 National Workplace First Aid Kit, or Vehicle as we like to call it, is the perfect solution for all your workplace first aid needs. This compact and convenient kit can travel with you wherever you need it. Our kit includes a full list of items to meet your needs. And because everything is easily organized and fits into the attractive zip-lock hard-wearing material, you don't have to worry about any messy spills or bulky medical supplies in your car, truck, office, home, or school (on excursions). 

The Foldout compartments make restocking a breeze and the contents sheet allows you to keep track of what you may need at any given time. Plus, our team puts thought into each item we feature so that you have exactly what you need when something unexpected happens. The size (21cm x 15cm x 7.5cm) fits perfectly in almost every situation: vehicles, travel, home, and more. 

For personal use or sports teams as well as for workspaces too, the Model 13 National Workplace First Aid Kit is always portable and ready to go when an emergency arises. We promise that if you purchase the Model 13 today, you won't regret the decision tomorrow or whenever disaster might strike!

The Model 13 is recommended for:

  • Vehicles
  • Travel
  • Home
  • School (excursions)
  • Hiking


  • Size: 21cm x 15cm x 7.5cm 
  • Hard-wearing material
  • Portable zip lock 
  • Fold out compartments

Click this link to download the contents list: MODEL 13 CONTENTS LIST

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