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Tubular Form Plus Bandage - 1 Metre

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Tubular Form Plus Bandage - 1 Metre

Tubular Form Plus Bandage from Sutherland Medical is top quality Australian-made padded protection bandage that secures a protective layer for the skin, suitable for compression bandaging or before applying fiberglass and gypsum plaster casts. Its function is to block airborne particles from infecting a wound.

PRODUCT FEATURES                          

  • Australian brand
  • Cotton 98%, Elastodiene Fiber and Nylon 2%
  • Brown-white skin tone
  • 5 cm x 1 m
  • Suitable for small limb application
  • Size: 1 metre

Tubular Form Plus Bandage is shaping according to the limb and supports for a longer period. It must be pulled lengthways and with great caution in order to re-establish its initial dimensions.

* Listing is for 1 metre lengths. Box image is purely for product identification purposes. 

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