Tactical Combat Tourniquet (1)

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Tactical Combat Tourniquet (1)

The tactical combat tourniquet effectively chokes blood flow in the attached area in case of a traumatic event resulting in haemorrhage.

Built from high durability polymers that can operate both in low and high temperatures, the design of the Tactical Combat Tourniquet relies on the tension buckle to stop the blood flow.

The durable Windlass Bar won't bend or break under pressure. High quality stitching and Velcro provides durability that protects integrity and strength of the tourniquet during use. Cold Resistant Technology means it's fit for various weather conditions too. 

The time stamp feature is available to write down time of usage to identify time limits and prevent potential blood bleeding. The aggressive teeth pinch buckle maintains strong application during emergency situations and transportation. One-handed design for self-application, easily add one or more to Home emergency kits, Cars, Backpacks, Motorcycles, Range bag, Construction belt or Carried on person for immediate use. The pack is small and easy to store and carry.

An essential piece of life saving equipment not only for professionals but for the average individual too. Essential first aid kit for Military /Camping/ Hunting/ Hiking/ Fishing. Easy to clean and can be reused.


  • Time stamp tag so that you can record the time of application
  • Can be applied with one hand, making it useful in stressful situations or when motor skills are impaired
  • The windlass system improves grip and strength
  • Fast application and easy to operate
  • Red tip aids in application
  • 1 x tourniquet is supplied
  • Rapid Application
  • One handed operation
  • Flexible, universal fit.