Mepore Pro Dressing (1)

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Mepore Pro Dressing (1)

The Molnlycke Mepore Pro Showerproof Dressing is a perfect solution for wound care patients looking to manage their wound exudate and keep it protected against both water and bacterial contamination. This dressing has been specially designed with an easy-to-apply feature, making it easier for wound care patients to put on and take off the bandage without a lot of added effort. The soft elastic backing film provides comfort for the patient and also prevents friction between the dressing, bedding, or clothing, while its waterproof layer ensures that it's safe to use when showering or bathing.

Plus, its breathable fabric helps prevent maceration of the wound by promoting a moist environment. With the Mepore Pro Showerproof Dressing, you can be sure your wound is in good hands since its viral and bacterial barrier will protect against microbes larger than 25nm. So why not give your wounded skin the protection it deserves with this amazing product?


  • Protects  the wound against bacterial contamination
  • Protects the wound against water
  • Soft elastic backing film for patient comfort
  • Proper exudate management
  • Promotes moist wound environment 
  • Breathable fabric prevents maceration
  • No friction against bedding or clothing
  • Waterproof film layer
  • Low adherent
  • Viral and bacterial barrier microbes larger than 25nm
  • Easy to apply
  • Sizes: 6cm x 7cm, 9cm x 10cm, 9cm x 15cm, 9cm x 20cm, 9cm x 25cm, 9cm x 30cm
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