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 Regardless of the use and destined space, we are ready with first aid kits and supplies for any emergency in which you are responsible for giving first aid or need it yourself. At First Aid Distributions, we present you an extensive range of first aid kits, as well as first aid box refills, and other medical equipment to treat health issues, while fitting your budget.
If you are an institution or workplace which is liable for complying with regulations and ensuring the utmost safety of their employees, staff or other people, or if you are looking forward to purchasing a first aid kit for personal home use or outdoor use, we have solutions for you here, at First Aid Distributions.
Not sure yet what are the potential hazards in the situation you are aiming to meet with first aid supplies? Your questions and feedback are welcomed here, so please contact our team.

First Aid Kits & Supplies

First Aid Products

 Our clients' safety is our priority, and we put painstaking efforts in providing a wide-ranging store with first aid kits and first aid supplies, targeting all potential first aid requirements, expecting any emergency procedures. The first aid kits we have for sale are stocked with items such as antiseptic, bandages, dressings, gauze, gloves, pads, plasters, safety pins, shears, tape, everything one needs in emergency aid situations.
Browse our range of products and make the adequate purchase - buy quality first aid supplies online from us, as First Aid Distributions is the supplier you need.

Matters To Consider When Selecting a Complete First Aid Kit

 For each client, there are different first aid requirements, and you should take into account beforehand, which are the risks that need to be anticipated unless you already have a proper assessment of them. In any case, it is crucial to consider the level of risk before the step of purchasing first aid kit supplies or a complete first aid kit.
Australian laws and guidelines are fundamentally relevant when it comes to ensuring first aid. If you are an employer, your first aiders need to be trained and ready for any situation. No matter the case, there needs to be easy access to the first aid kits. What you can count on is the ability of our knowledgeable team to assist you with making the right choice.

Choosing a First Aid Kit – the Basics

There are things to take into consideration that holds key importance, regardless of the use or purpose of the first aid kit you are about to purchase:

  • Visible – Your first aid box should be recognizable right away, for instance, by seeing a white cross on a green background;

  • Protected – The first aid kit needs to have a dust-free casing that also protects contents from damage;

  • Standard – All first aid kits, first aid supplies, and refills should meet therapeutic standards and satisfy regulations, with items registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Still unsure what and how many first aid kits and other equipment to purchase? Our sales team is available for advice and guidance.
Do not hesitate to count on First Aid Distributions for buying first aid kits and first aid supplies. Browse our online store and check availability, as our quality products with excellent prices are in high demands. If you spend over $300, you can rest assured with our super fast FREE delivery all across Australia.