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Zoll Pedi-Padz II AED Defibrillation Pads - Paediatric (1)

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Zoll Pedi-Padz II AED Defibrillation Pads - Paediatric (1)

The ZOLL Pedi Padz II electrodes are designed for use on children up to eight years of age or weighing less than 25 kg. Anatomical diagrams on the package facilitate proper pad placement. When Pedi-Padz II are used with compatible ZOLL defibrillators, the device provides voice and text prompts to tell rescuers that Pedi-padz® II are connected, ensuring that the proper defibrillator electrodes are being used. 

With Pedi-Padz II, separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyse the victim's heart rhythm, and the ZOLL defibrillator automatically reduces energy to provide paediatric specific therapy.

Pedi-padz II electrodes are designed especially for use with the AED Plus, and are also compatible with professional defibrillators, allowing continuity of care. The AED Plus does not rely on a resistor or other hardware in the wires to reduce delivered energy.


  • Anatomical diagrams on the package facilitate proper pad placement
  • Defibrillation electrodes pad
  • 1 x set of electrode pads is supplied
  • Part number REF 8900-0810-01

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