PRE ORDER ONLY - Zoll AED Pro Non Rechargeable Battery (1)

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PRE ORDER ONLY - Zoll AED Pro Non Rechargeable Battery (1)

Defibrillators are not only regularly used as crucial monitoring devices in medical facilities but also for evacuations and retrievals. This obviously calls for extended periods of battery-powered monitoring. Additionally, the more interventions that are carried out – specifically defibrillation that requires extra energy than typical monitoring purposes – batteries are drained more quickly.

Zoll AED Pro sealed lithium-manganese oxide (LiMnO2) battery ensures that your Zoll defibrillator never runs out of power. Its low maintenance nature makes it ideal for medical personnel who do not wish to use the defibrillator regularly. If not in use, the battery lasts while in the device for 4 years. Note, it is recommended to always have a spare battery with you when using the Zoll AED Pro battery.


  • Non-rechargeable lithium battery pack designed for Zoll AED Pro
  • Low maintenance
  • Last up to 4 years if not used in any rescue activity
  • 1 x battery pack is supplied
  • REF 8000-0860-01
  • N/A