Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing 15cm x 20cm Box (10)

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Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing 15cm x 20cm Box (10)

The Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing 15cm x 20cm Box is your ultimate solution for the treatment of highly exuding wounds. With a unique multilayered bandage, it's specially designed to provide optimal comfort and fluid absorption at the same time.

This sterile wound dressing features a superabsorbent polymer (SAP) structure which can absorb considerable amounts of wound secretion exudate. Its cellulose fluff central layer prevents any leakage by absorbing the exudate and retaining it in place, while its hydrophobic backing layer prevents any external contamination from happening. The soft edges also ensure complete comfort for the user.

What separates the Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing from other products are its no fray fabrics, its superabsorbent polymer feature and the fact that each box contains 10 dressings in size 15cm x 20cm. This makes it a great choice for health professionals as well wound care patients alike who require maximum security and effective treatment for their wounds.

Try out Hartmann’s Zetuvit Plus Wound Dressing today- your reliable companion for treatment of highly exuding wounds!


  • Multi-layered bandage for superficial injuries
  • Made from superabsorbent polymer (SAP) 
  • Cellulose fluff central layer 
  • Optimal fluid absorption
  • Fluid-repellent backing layer
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • Soft edges for complete comfort
  • No fray fabric
  • Sterile
  • Box contains 10 dressings
  • Size: 15cm x 20cm
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