Waterproof Doona / Quilt 150gsm

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Waterproof Doona / Quilt 150gsm

Introducing Night n Day's waterproof doona / quilt or duvet insert, designed to be inserted into a waterproof or non waterproof cover. With non-slip ties to ensure no movement within a protector. The perfect way to keep warm and dry overnight.

The waterproof quilt can be used with any waterproof quilt cover or standard quilt cover. The product is designed for use by anyone of any age with every bed size covered; Single, Double, Queen, and King.

For warmer months or summer Night n Day recommends the use of one 150gsm quilt only

For colder climates or during winter Night n Day recommends combining two quilts for 300gsm warmth


  • Waterproof
  • White in colour
  • Non-slip ties
  • 150gsm polyester
  • Washing instructions: wipe down with a damp cloth only 

The waterproof quilt is designed to be used in conjunction with Night n Day's waterproof quilt cover (for added protection, as well as to keep the quilt protected from any stains!) or with a regular quilt cover (non-waterproof).


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