Travel John Disposable Urinal (1)

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Travel John Disposable Urinal (1)

The TravelJohn Unisex Resealable Disposable Urinal is a convenient, sanitary, discreet and compact solution.

Ultimately a travel toilet that is a civilised solution, anytime, anywhere! Each bag is made of strong plastic, that is puncture resistant and contains a revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a leak-proof, odourless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for disposal in any waste bin.


  • Non-toxic, odourless, spill proof gel
  • It instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it leakproof
  • No closure needed but comes with a resealable strip
  • Waste disposal safe, simply throw away after use
  • Small and light weight
  • Compact enough for any handbag, glove compartment or travelbag
  • Reusable until it is full
  • LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch included that traps urine bacteria 
  • Volume indicator and full instructions included on the urinal
  • Unisex plastic collar for easy handling
  • For men, women and children 
  • Easy to use
  • 3 disposable urinals in the box
  • Includes 3 cleaning wipes
  • 1 x box is supplied
  • Size: 800ml capacity
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