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Tubular Net Bandage

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Tubular Net Bandage

Tubular Net Bandage from Sutherland Medical is an affordable, easy to use retention bandage that may be safely used in place of standard dressing retention. With an open weave structure and a light fiber composition, it ensures proper retention for any part of the body, making it perfect for neonatal intensive care units or burns units.

* Listing is for 1 meter lengths. Box image is purely for product identifcaiton purposes. 

Product features

  • Made in Australia
  • Nylon and Elastodiene Based, Latex Free
  • Light weight
  • Free of knots, therefore pressure damage risk is zero
  • Applicators may be available for fingers and toes

Tubular Net Bandage from Sutherland Medical has a variety of medical applications, including, in addition to wound dressing, tubing and isolating I.V. Lines.

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