Tubifast Red Line x 1m

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Tubifast 3.5cm x 1m Red Line Bandage

Features advanced elasticated tubular construction with longitudinal and radial stretch. Made from refined rayon, this lightweight bandage provides light elasticity for holding dressings securely. Open-weave knitting allows air circulation over skin and helps avoid maceration.

For maximum dressing retention, Tubifast 3.5cm x 1m Red Line Bandage is the best available choice.

  • Ideal for dressing retention & patch wrapping
  • Lightweight & non-constrictive
  • Holds dressings without compression 
  • No tapes or pins required to retain red line bandage

Tubifast 3.5cm x 1m Red Line Bandage with 2-way stretch is guaranteed for reduced risk of fray. It is easy and quick to use red line bandage with no risk of contamination. 

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