Tubifast Bandage Green Line 1m (1)

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Tubifast Bandage Green Line 1m (1)

If you require a secure dressing that is comfortably non-constrictive but still offers superior hold, Tubifast Green Line Bandage is the perfect choice for you. Carefully crafted from high-quality lightweight materials, this 1m length bandage can easily be cut to fit any size wound and the two-way elasticated construction with longitudinal and radial stretch ensure maximum buying efficiency while minimizing cross-contamination risks inside the wound.

The varied features make Tubifast Green Line an ideal candidate for supporting medium-sized joints or limbs such as your ankle or elbow, plus there's no need for tape or pins ever again. Its simple yet effective approach makes application easy and quick - why not try it today?

Those who have made the switch to Tubifast Green Line find they get even more cost savings when they order by the box – we've got that option too! Get superior bandage support with Tubifast Green Line Bandage and feel confident knowing that using this product means less fibers in your wound, lower expenses, and less time spent applying dressings - it really is a must-have!


  • Holds dressings tightly  
  • Tubal presentation without tape or pins
  • Easy and quick-to-use
  • Cut to appropriate size that fits wound size
  • Non-constrictive bandage
  • Cost-effective length
  • Latex free
  • Also sold by the box (see separate listing)
  • Box images are for display purposes only
  • 1 x 1m length is supplied
  • Sizes: 5cm x 1m

Tubifast Green Line Bandage with longitudinal and radial stretch allows freedom of mobility with extra comfort. This bandage is ideal for quick and secure patch wrapping.

How to use

  1. To apply a Tubifast 2-Way Stretch bandage all that is needed is a pair of scissors and a pair of hands. Simply cut off the required length
  2. Stretch the piece of Tubifast bandage over the hands and over the affected limb if securing a dressing. If limb coverage is required, the Tubifast 2-Way Stretch bandage is simply pulled or rolled on as a stocking
  3. The bandage covers the dressing/limb and gives it a light, even, non–constricting pressure. It may be applied in a double layer especially over joints for extra security, or the edges may be tucked under. Either way it stays in place and is quick, easy, comfy and non-constricting

Care instructions

As the bandage edges are not seamed, please hand wash to avoid fraying. If using the bandages with Epaderm (or a similar emollient), to remove the emollient from the bandages, place into hot water to soak, then hand wash in warm water (40 degrees). Air dry.

Tubifast garments and bandages are supposed to last for approximately 10-15 washes.

Size guide

  • Red Line = small limbs / 9cm - 18cm 
  • Green Line = small & medium limbs / 14cm - 24cm
  • Blue Line = large limbs / 24cm - 40cm
  • Yellow Line = head & childrens bodies / 35cm - 64cm
  • Purple Line = adult bodies / 64cm - 130cm
  • N/A