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Tena Pads 

Tena Pads are the perfect solution for keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Our variety of pads mean that you can choose the optimal length based on your own needs. Whether you want our Standard or Long length pad, they all feature maximum absorbency and a secure feel, so you can stay dry no matter how active you are. Plus, our pads are designed for light to super incontinence, making them ideal for any level of absorption. With Tena Pads, you'll stay protected, comfortable and confident all day!


  • Easily manage light to heavy incontinence with a variety of options. Choose between Standard and Long length Pads to find the best level of protection for your needs
  • Enjoy dry, comfortable protection when using our general purpose range. Feel secure and confident that you have reliable protection for your vulnerability
  • Tena Pads offer specific protection for light to medium or super incontinence with an efficient absorption layer that keeps you feeling dry longer – so you can go about your day without worrying about uncomfortable side-effects.


Mini Plus Long Length: 3 drops
Extra Standard Length: 3.5 drops
InstaDry Standard Length: 4.5 drops
Extra Plus Standard Length: 5 drops
InstaDry Long Length: 5.5 drops
InstaDry Standard Length: 5.5 drops
Super: 6 drops



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