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Tena Flex Maxi Large Pk 22

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Tena Flex Maxi Large Pk 22

A breakthrough for skincare, comfort and dignity, TENA Flex with ComfiStretch™ elastic inserts in the soft belt that follows the body’s movements for even more comfort.

TENA Flex is anatomically designed for an optimal fit, and incorporates a unique fully breathable backsheet that lets the air, not the fluid, circulate.  This helps to maintain a healthier skin and because of the cloth-like covering, both comfort and dignity are greatly improved.  Furthermore, because it's all-in-one, there's no extra fixation required. 

TENA Flex with FeelDry™ offers outstanding dryness to the user and ease of use to the carer, providing the highest quality of care.


  • ComfiStretch™ follows the body’s movements for even more comfort
  • FeelDry™ gives outstanding dryness, through quick inlet, absorption and excellent retention
  • Superfit™ waist belt for easier handling and comfortable fit for all body shapes
  • Breathable backsheet™ lets the air circulate, improving user comfort and reducing skin problems
  • Elastic Fit™ waist elastics for a snug, body-close fit
  • Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed
  • Easy-Select™ colour coding makes it easy to find the right product
  • Curved leg elastics ensure snug and comfortable fit around the legs
  • Leakage Barrier for maximum leakage security
  • Noise free for wearer discretion
  • All materials assessed and tested to be skin friendly
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