Stretch Elastic Adhesive Bandage Thumb Tape 25mm x 4.5m - Straptor (48)

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Stretch Elastic Adhesive Bandage Thumb Tape 25mm x 4.5m - Straptor (48)

The Straptor Stretch Elastic Adhesive Bandage Thumb Tape by First Aid Distributions provides the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility for minor to moderate injuries. This tape is designed to give real-time protection and relief to any finger, thumb or toe that needs extra support. Our 25mm x 4.5m size ensures you won't run out and a single box contains 48 rolls of our unique thump tape in a flesh colour - meaning it has the advantage of blending into skin tones. Each roll is ideal for strapping, providing compression support and helping reduce any swelling associated with an injury, making this the perfect addition to any healthcare kit at home, or in teams and workspaces alike. 

Tried and tested by athletes around Australia, our customers are raving about how well Straptor meets their needs as they move forward with their desired activities without any worries or setbacks! Whether its used in a work environment, at home or on the field, Straptor is sure to provide those extra levels of protection for all kinds of scratches, bruises and bumps along the way.  So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our outstanding product today!


  • Elastic adhesive 
  • Ideal finger tape
  • Combination of rigid strength and flexibility
  • Similar to feathered edge EAB with the addition of spandex
  • Compression support
  • Minimises swelling
  • Provides extra support
  • Ideal for strapping
  • Colour: Flesh
  • Size: 25mm x 4.5m 
  • Box contains 48 rolls
  • N/A