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Koda Electrolyte Tablets

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Koda Electrolyte Tablets

KODA Electrolyte Tablets are a sugar free formula with a slight effervescence.

A sports drink without the calories, effectively separating hydration from your fuel source. The advantage of this to the athlete, or anyone that sweats, is that you can customise your fluid requirements based on your own sweat rate and the conditions you are competing in. You are no longer locked into a volume of fluid, calories or electrolyte component that is a one size fits all solution.

The reason for the sugar free formulation is to allow you to add more tablets to your water if required. The fact is we are not all the same and we lose varying amounts of sodium in our sweat. 

Being able to address your losses more appropriately means minimising your percentage of loss, which means better performance.


  • Convenient
  • Dissolvable
  • Sugar free
  • Tube contains 12 tablets
  • 1 tube is supplied


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