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Red Z 21gm Sachet

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Based on immobilization technology, Safetec Red Z Solidifier 2gm Sachet is an effective and fast way to solidify and deodorize contagious blood pathogens and body fluids. With an ounce of Red “Z”, it is easy to solidify 1 liter of fluid.

Safetec Red Z 2gm Sachet is an advanced spill control formula used in healthcare and first aid units.

  • Deodorizes infectious blood/body fluids
  • Immobilizes fluids activity  
  • High absorbency prevents fluid leakage
  • Prevents aerosolization to stop particles move in the air
  • Alleviates cross contamination risk    
  • Quickly solidifies fluids into granulated gel

In addition to controlling spills, Safetec Red Z 2gm Sachet quickly solidifies body fluids into granulated gel. This infection and pandemic control product is ideal for solidifying water-based fluids. 

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