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Recharger for G3 Pro

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Quite evidently, whenever a defibrillator is used to resuscitate a patient, some amount of battery power is used. And, even if the defibrillator is not used, battery power can be drained through the regular self-tests and checks that take place to ensure the unit is rescue ready at all times. It is important, therefore; that batteries are recharged on time to ensure your defibrillator works effectively as it’s supposed to.

A recharger for G3 Pro is an essential device which is meant to recharge AED rechargeable batteries. After the battery runs down, this mains-powered charger basically plugs into the battery and conveniently provides a full recharge. This ensures that the G3 pro-AED remains in a good working condition and ready for use.

Product features and benefits

  • For use in conjunction with the G3 Pro rechargeable battery 
  • Mains-powered with a power cable and 3 pin plug
  • Ensures that the G3 Pro AED remains fully powered at all times
  • Economical compared to buying non-rechargeable lithium batteries.


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