Nurses Pick Pocket (1)

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Nurses Pick Pocket (1)

The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch, also called nurses belt was designed through consultation with nurses working in various areas of health care. 

The purpose of the Pick-Pocket nurses pouch is to carry the tools of trade that all nurses require in their daily roles including pens, scissors, IV tape, disposable gloves, keys, handover notes, money etc. These items safely tucked into easily accessible compartments. No longer will you incur ink stains and pen marks on your clothes or misplace important items. The convenient key ring attachment means no more searching for keys. The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch has a zip compartment for your valuables and can also carry your mobile phone or PDA.

The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch and belt has an adjustable belt system that fits any waist size.


  • Variety of pockets
  • Easy to pick lots of accessories
  • Two use ways, handle and waist
  • Unisex
  • Black
  • Highly durable polyester material
  • Easy to wash and dry at high temperature to control infection
  • A safe way to get organised
  • 1 x empty bag is supplied
  • N/A