Retractable Scissor Leash with Velcro Strap (1)

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Retractable Scissor Leash with Velcro Strap (1)

This Gear Keeper Deluxe Retractable Scissor Leash offers you the world. You can attach your scissors, trauma shears, flashlight, keys, camera, mobile phone or other gear to the retractor and you will always keep your belongings close. The attractor has an automatic 80 cm retractor cord with a tractive force of 255 grams which allows you to use it in combination with gear that weighs up to 225 grams.

The Gear Keeper-retractor has a special flushing system. This patented system removes sand, salt water and debris during normal use. After using the retractor you can also clean it to extend the life span of the device.

The base of the retractor is enhanced with a Quick Connect I (Q/C 1) mounting system, a click system with a masculine part (the plug that holds the key-ring), and a feminine part (where you insert the plug). As such you will be able to quickly connect and disconnect your gear. 

You attach the retractor to your clothes, bag, or handle using one of the mounting systems. At the base of the retractor you will find a Quick Connect I mounting system which you attach (with the key-ring) to your gear. As soon as you use the concerning product you will automatically pull out the cord. When you want to use your tool you can pull out the cord. Because your gear is attached to your retractor you will never be able to drop or lose your belongings again. As soon as you are done using your tool, carefully let go of the device and the automatic retracting system will smoothly pull your gear back to the retractor. In short: grab, use, let go, and you are done. You will no longer have to store any of your devices! Useful, and safe!



  • Retracting end allows easy connection and disconnection of gear
  • Spectra/Nylon line
  • Velcro strap
  • High break strength
  • Self flushing
  • 80cm line
  • 27kg breaking strength
  • 1 x scissor leash is supplied
  • N/A