Microshield Moisture Lotion Pump Pack 500ml

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Microshield Moisture Lotion moisturises skin to feel smooth and soft. It helps prevent drying out skin. Cracked skin is always open to harmful infections. This moisturising lotion moisturises and conditions skin to avoid cracking.


In addition to penetrating and absorbing into skin, it leaves no greasy or oily residues.


  • Antimicrobial preservative power
  • Prevents skin against dry out/cracking
  • Prevents infections
  • Absorbs into skin
  • Conditions and softens skin
  • Leaves no greasy or oily residues
  • Compatible with latex gloves & Chlorhexidine Gluconate items
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Moistens dry skin, hands and elbows
  • Hospital grade
  • 500ml

Microshield Moisture Lotion is ideally formulated for those who care for healthy lifestyle. It is not only recommended for use in hospitals but also for public care points. 

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