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Mepore Film & Pad Dressing

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Mepore Film & Pad Dressing

The Molnlycke Mepore Film and Pad Dressing is a versatile dressing designed for the treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds. This includes such cuts, abrasions, and surgical wounds. The Mepore Dressing consists of a highly absorbent central pad surrounded by a sturdy layer of transparent film. This recommends it as a discreet to wear treatment option that also allows the assigned healthcare professional to closely monitor the healing process.


  • Transparent film allows wound monitoring
  • Breathable fabric prevents maceration
  • Prevents against pathogens larger than 25nm
  • Flexible and highly absorbent
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Waterproof and showerproof
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Individually wrapped
  • Easy to apply
  • Colour: clear film with white pad
  • Sizes: 4.5cm x 5cm, 5cm x 7cm oval, 5cm x 7cm rectangle, 9cm x 10cm, 9cm x 15cm, 9cm x 20cm, 9cm x 25cm, 9cm x 35cm
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