Mepilex Heel Ag

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Mepilex® Silicone Foam Heel Ag Dressing is designed to manage pressure ulcer, exuding abrasions on heel, and foot ulcer. This highly recommended foam dressing features antimicrobial properties to prevent exudate against maceration. If applied on infected wounds, it helps reduce bioburden.  


According to experts, Mepilex® Silicone Foam Heel Ag Dressing works as a barrier against the risk of wound infection and re-infection.


  • Adhesive border
  • Active against bacteria
  • Bacterial binding & trapping
  • Shaped for heel
  • Reduces trauma during dressing changes
  • Sustained and rapid antimicrobial activity
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Convenient exudate management

Mepilex® Silicone Foam Heel Ag Dressing conforms to infected wounds on heel. For best treatment and reduced skin damage, this heel dressing is the right decision.  

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