Mepiform Silicone Scar Dressing

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Mepiform Silicone Scar Dressing

Introducing Molnlycke Mepiform – the innovative silicone scar dressing that helps prevent and manage old or new scars. This self-adherent dressing is extra thin and flexible, giving you discreet coverage and a comfortable fit that won't interfere with your day-to-day life.

Specifically designed to help reduce trauma and pain when it's changed, this product features a Safetac layer - a breakthrough medical solution that helps minimize stress to already sensitive scars. It's easy to use and available in several sizes – 4cm x 30cm, 5cm x 7.5cm, 10cm x 18cm - making it perfect for both small and large wound areas. Plus, it can be worn for several days before being changed.

The Molnlycke Mepiform Silicone Scar Dressing is ideal for those looking to prevent new scars or treat old ones. While it should be worn for two to six months when used in prevention therapy, this advanced dressing has been clinically proven to provide effective wound care management with positive outcomes over time - making it the ideal choice for patient’s seeking safe, long term scar improvement for improved quality of life.


  • Self-adherent
  • Scar care dressing to manage old or prevent new scarring 
  • Layer that reduces pain and trauma
  • Can be worn for several days
  • Discreet, thin and flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Sterile
  • 1 x dressing is supplied
  • Sizes: 4cm x 30cm, 5cm x 7.5cm, 10cm x 18cm
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