Mefix 5cm x 10m Box (1)

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Mefix 5cm x 10m Box (1)

Are you looking for a powerful and reliable dressing to securely fix your primary dressing or medical device? Look no further than the Molnlycke Mefix Island Dressing Roll! This universally beloved dressing is used by healthcare professionals all over the world, ensuring that your wound care needs are in good hands. The 5cm Roll is marked in 10 cm intervals and is perfect for customizing the fit of the dressing around any flexible area of the body. It even gets better--this great product is water-based and solvent-free, so it’s suitable for even sensitive or fragile skin!

But that’s not all! When you choose Mefix Fixation Dressing, you’re getting more than just peace of mind. Our secondary fixation dressing promotes mobility and prevents infection with minimal pain upon removal. It's not only permeable to air and water—it also prevents wound maceration, making sure your healing process isn't hampered by moistness. And doing it yourself is a breeze—the tape is easy to use and comes with one box per purchase. Don't wait until it's too late; take charge of your health today with Mefix Fixation Dressing!


  • Secondary fixation dressing
  • Suitable for flexible areas of the body
  • Promotes mobility and prevents infection
  • Minimal pain upon dressing removal
  • Permeable to air and water
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Prevents wound maceration
  • Adhesive roll
  • 1 x box of tape is supplied
  • Size: 5cm x 10m
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