Mefix 10cm x 10m Box (1)

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Mefix 10cm x 10m Box (1)

Introducing the revolutionary Mefix 10cm Fixation Dressing Roll from Molnlycke! This world-leading product is designed to securely hold a wide variety of primary dressings and medical devices on fragile skin. Its water-based, solvent-free adhesive makes it an ideal choice for wound care patients who may be more prone to irritation. Plus, its 10 cm intervals provide a proper fit to any wound area.

The Mefix Dressin Roll also promotes mobility and helps prevent infection. Plus, with minimal pain upon dressing removal and its ability to breathe, this soltuion is one of the most comfortable options available in the market today! Not only does it help protect against maceration but it's also incredibly easy to use - making your daily dressing routine even easier.

The unique adhesion technology offers maximum comfort and flexibility in order to get you back to living your best life. For a fast, secure; effective solution, look no further than Mefix Fixation Dressing Roll!


  • Secondary fixation dressing
  • Suitable for flexible areas of the body
  • Promotes mobility and prevents infection
  • Minimal pain upon dressing removal
  • Permeable to air and water
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Prevents wound maceration
  • Adhesive roll
  • 1 x box of tape is supplied
  • Size: 10cm x 10m 
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