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Leukostrip Wound Closure Strips (1)

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Leukostrip Wound Closure Strips (1)

Smith & Nephew's Leukostrip Wound Closure Strips are made of hypoallergenic adhesive and polyamide material, allowing the closure of the wound without trauma or pain. It is indicated as an alternative to sutures on the third post-operative day. Minimises the risk of scar formation at the puncture sites. It can also be combined with several types of stitches and it can supplement individual over-and-over sutures.


  • Does not cause damage to the edges of the wound
  • Allows pain-free wound closure
  • Well tolerated by the skin
  • Minimum scarring
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Reliable adhesive strength
  • Leuko strip
  • Wound closure
  • Individually sealed and sterile
  • 1 x pouch is supplied
  • Sizes: 6.4mm x 102mm (5 pieces) or 13mm x 102mm (6 pieces)

It can be used in order to fix skin transplants, for primary and secondary closure of wounds or to replace sutures following subcutaneous sutures.


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